Greenpeace Australia


Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over forty countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our main goal is to ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity and focuses its campaigning on world wide issues such as global warming, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues.
Greenpeace Australia is extremely aware of climate change, the destruction of forests, the pollution of oceans, threats of nuclear power, the dangers of GM crops and the murdering of whales. They have held demonstrations and rallies to stop these things from continuing.
On their website, Greenpeace Australia currently post about negative political, corporate and social affects on the environment and suggest ways in which they could stop. They continuously encourage people all over the world to join the team and take action against environmental damages.
Join Greenpeace Australia today and donate to them to help put an end to the destruction of the environment and help finish everything that contributes to it.


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