Oatley Flora & Fauna Conservation Society

Oatley Flora and Fauna Society (O.F.F) was founded in 1955 by locals who were concerned about the wreckage of flora and fauna in Oatley Park.

We have a positive working relationship with both Hurstville and Kogarah Councils and has representation on Hurstville Councils Tree Preservation Working Party Committee and Kogarah Council’s Estuary Management Committee. 

We are also dedicated to participating the annual Clean-up Australia Campaign each year.

Since we began,there  has been large successes in obtaining the bush land regeneration grants from the NSW Environment Protection Authority, and three bush land areas in the suburb of Oatley Have been vastly improved. O.F.F also secured a Coast Care grant to help Kogarah Council and the local community in their efforts to regenerate the wetlands of Poulton Park in South Hurstville.

Oatley Flora and Fauna Society is a flourishing local eco organisation and welcomes new members and visitors.

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