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Focusing on areas of general and regional significance, environmental science at Charles Darwin University involves the study of the natural environment and all it entails. The Northern Territory is the ideal place to study environmental science, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental management and tropical wildlife management, as much of the Territory remains untouched - from the tropical savannas and wetlands to the dry arid regions.

Study options are as vast as the Territory itself with employment in a range of fields including environmental management, resource management, aquaculture, eco-tourism and GIS. Other opportunities include environmental scientist or researcher and environmental consultant for government, as well as employment within park management, manufacturing and mining companies.

For more information, visit our website Undergraduate Bachelor of Environmental Science 3 years full time, 6 years part time (external/internal) Gain a thorough knowledge of environmental science and management, together with the ability to apply skills in scientific methodologies and to access information efficiently. A

cquire a broad base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling you to gain employment in professional areas of environmental science and environmental management, or to proceed to higher levels of research training. more info... Bachelor of Indigenous Cultures and Natural Resource Management 3 years full time, 6 years part time (internal) Gain an understanding of and respect for Indigenous culture, history and society and the management of natural and cultural resources. Explore the diversity of Indigenous knowledges and the application of those knowledges to the management of resources in contemporary contexts.

Central to the philosophy of the course is the recognition of Indigenous knowledge systems that are socially, culturally, politically and environmentally contingent. It follows that an understanding of this contextual nature of knowledge is central to the effective and appropriate management of both natural and cultural resources. Develop an appreciation of how different social, cultural and political perspectives can then impact upon the allocation, use and management of resources.

Employment can be found in a range of fields including resource and land management organisations, educational institutions, community resource and support groups and government departments (eg Departments of Environment, Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage). more info... Postgraduate Tropical Environmental Management Postgraduate Program Masters (1.5 years full time/3 years part time), Graduate Diploma (1 year full time/2 years part time) Graduate Certificate (0.5 year full time/1 year part time) Internal/external Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to understand the ecology, use and sustainable management of tropical ecosystems. CDU Tropical Environmental Management courses offer:

1) Substantial fieldwork components in pristine environments

2) Contribution of senior professionals in environmental management

3) Flexible teaching and learning

4) Professional focus Combine expertise in natural resource management such as tropical forestry pastoral land management; rangeland science and management; cattle production; tropical savanna ecology; tropical marine ecology with related areas such as tourism management, protected area management; rural extension and communication; rural, regional and natural resource management policy, and studies of indigenous land and sea management. 

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development Gain the analytical capacity to understand and contribute to the ongoing advancement of desert and tropical knowledge from the perspectives and goals of sustainable development. Enhance your understanding, competency and skills in the biophysical, social, economic and political dimensions of desert and tropical environments. more info... VET/TAFE Certificates II-IV and Diploma in Conservation and Land Management The Conservation and Land Management Training Package provides national career pathways and opportunities for workers at all levels of employment in diverse yet related industry sectors associated with national resource management. This course is appropriate for a person working as technical support or group leader for environmental projects.

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