Get A Mine Job - Information on Mining Training and Jobs

 For job hunters who want to know more about getting a job in the mines, Get A Mine Job is a valuable resource to discover about mining recruitment and how to stand out from other applicants to start a rewarding mining career.

The information comes with a free downloadable guide on how to get a mining job, written by a successful candidate who lately completed the mining recruitment process.

For those people who are seeking mining jobs with no experience, details are provided on various mining courses that can further increase the possibility of mine employment.

Mining training can include the Standard 11 Mining Induction and specific operator training like Dump Truck Training, which provides the competency needed for dump truck jobs. The information provided will help job hunters with the training pathway most relevant to the mining job they are after.

Because many mining jobs in Australia are fly in fly out (FIFO), GetAMineJob provides information about mining jobs in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and other Australian states.

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