A Green Office

A Green Office maintains interior and exterior designs with superior service and believes that plants are "living art". Treat yourself to nature's accessories. Indoor plants not only provide a delightful touch of the outdoors inside, but more importantly filter out hazardous toxins found in the modern office environment.

As most indoor situations are generally unsatisfactory for the healthy growth and continued well being of plants, it pays to have your plants supplied and maintained by experts. Experts at A Green Office.

We at A Green Office have a thorough knowledge of the many needs of indoor plants and the care and attention they require to maintain a good and healthy appearance.

Plants are maintained on a regular basis, including watering, fertilising, cleaning etc. There are many varieties of plants suitable for use in offices; the choice of plants depends on lighting and space provided for the display.

Our A Green Office consultants can advise you on the most suitable choice.

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