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Solar Source

The Supplemental Home Heating and Ventilation Solution
Solar Source: From the original manufacturer of Sunlizard Solar Heating, Air Conditioning/Ventilation Systems
The Solar Source uses sunshine to warm your house in winter and get rid of unwanted heat in summer.


Low-iron glass captures sunlight inside the Solar Source, creating a greenhouse effect that warms air. Solar powered fans then pump that warm into the house in winter. Meanwhile, a ceiling-mounted vent inside the home returns rising warm air to the Solar Source for additional reheating and recirculation. This keeps heat flowing to living areas and keeps air moving inside the home.


In summer, an external vent is opened on the roof-mounted Solar Source unit. This allows rising heat from inside the home to be vented outside, limiting heat buildup in the home.


Warmth in winter. Heat extraction in summer. Running all year round, the Solar Source can generate potentially significant energy savings in the typical well-insulated house.

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