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Aussie Solar Installation aims to provide affordable prices, for solar power and renewable energyheating systems that incorporate the most updated technology. Runner-up for the Deloitte Growth award for a family business, Aussie Solar was founded by Cameron and Amber Ferguson in 2002 in the Blue Mountains.

Committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions though the spread of affordable renewable energy systems, Aussie Solar seeks to harness the power of the public and local communities to combat global warming.

We are major particpants in the National Solar School Programme offering Government grants of up to $50k; Solar Rebates are also presently available for Homes and Communities. At Aussie Solar we supply an extensive range of solar equipment backed by a thriving business with BCSE accredited installers and fully licensed electrical electricians.

We provide solar panels, inverters and associated enclosures, solar panel framings, electrical circuit breakers, solar cables and connectors. We also provide and install solar heating system, low-energy LED lighting and specialise in remote solar power and pumping systems.

Grid-Interactive inverters and solar panels installed on your roof could feed power into the electricity grid to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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