Australian Renewable Fuels

Australian Renewable Fuels Limited is an Australian company currently producing biodiesel at two plants - one in Adelaide, South Australia and another in Picton, Western Australia. ARF is now in its third year of operation and produces biodiesel meeting the strictest biodiesel standards worldwide. The development of commercial scale renewable fuels production plants marks an exciting new stage in the growth of use of alternative fuels in Australia.

Biodiesel is a sustainable, non-poisonous fuel that can legitimately replace traditional oil diesel, bringing about significant decreases in tailpipe discharges. Biodiesel additionally discovers use as a lubricity agent in low and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels where the addition of as meager as 2% biodiesel to oil diesel fundamentally improves the lubricity of the fuel. 

We currently operate three plants in Australia: Barnawartha, Victoria, Adelaide, South Australia and Picton, Western Australia. Make better choices and help us improve the environment!

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