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At Aztec Solar we provide solar power form domectic users in the Yarra Valley and beyond. Solar Power already provides electricity to many homes and businesses throughout the world and is a growing success which Aztec Solar is proud to be a part of. Aztec Solar Grid Connect solar power systems provide outstanding benefits to both users and for the environment they help proctect.

Aztec Solar installations are helping create economic growth, jobs and renewable energy making Australia less dependent upon greenhouse gas producing fossil fuels. Solar power already provides employment in Australia for more thousands and generates business in excess of $1 billion dollars. In order to arrest global warming, the pace of converting homes to use renewable energy, such solar power, will increase as Government programmes and assistance come on stream.

We are also ideally placed to help you benefit from the Australian Government's Green Loans Programme. This will shortly provide loans and rebates to assist Australian households to install solar, water savings and other energy efficient, green products. Green Loans is $300 million 5 year programme starting mid-2009 and offers you a detailed, quality household sustainability assessments and low interest of up to $10,000.

The Green Loans programme is intended to assist some 200,000 Australian home owners to reduce their annual greenhouse gas emissions. The programme will also inject around $2 billion in environmentally beneficial investment in homes and help stimulate the small business sector.

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