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BP Australia is driven by the upstream exploration, refining of crude oil and natural gas, the downstream marketing supply of fuel, lubricant and bitumen products BP has worked in Australia since 1920. Today, we’re involved in a range of activities, such as exploring natural gas and crude oil resources.

We also refine and market petroleum products, produce lubricants, and help to generate a significant amount of solar power. Our crude oil refineries at Kwinana in Western Australia and Bulwer Island in Queensland are flourishing, having been upgraded to produce some of the cleanest fuels available in Australia.

We also make and market BP and Castrol lubricants. Castrol is one of Australia’s market leaders providing world-class quality lubricants for the local market. BP Solar has been operating in Australia for over 20 years. We’re the only company in Australia producing solar cells on a commercial scale.

The BP Solar facility at Sydney Olympic Park is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and recently boosted its capacity by 25%.

We have a network of almost 1,400 service stations in Australia We also have a network of almost 1,400 service stations throughout Australia, including a number of 24-hour truckstops on the country’s major highways.

Our focus on superior locations, as well as the fresh food and coffee we provide through our Wild Bean Cafés, have made us a strong competitor in both the fuel retail and convenience sectors.

Our exploration business is focused on the North West Shelf (NWS), where we’re one of six participants in Australia’s largest resource development. The NWS is rare in that it produces the full range of hydrocarbon products: natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, crude oil and condensate.

To meet the growing demand for energy in China, we’ve rapidly expanded capacity and output at the NWS project.

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