The ClearComfort intelligent system gives thermal insulation that is equal to a second pane of glass.

It is not a tinted film and it is not stuck on to glass. It simply insulates against heat transmission - it does not insulate against sound transmission.

Since air is invisible, it makes an excellent insulating barrier, if it can be trapped and held in place. 

The ClearComfort solution utilises this and designs a totally transparent membrane to enclose an insulating barrier of air next to the window glass. 

The ClearComfort solution uses state-of-the-art technology from the plastics and adhesives industries. By applying our uniquely strong double-sided tape to your window frame, you can then attach a thin transparent polymer sheet to the frame. You complete the job by applying heat from a hairdryer to shrink the transparent sheet to a taut, invisible membrane.

Your window now has the same thermal insulation as a standard double glazed window - almost costing you next to nothing!

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