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Greenway Energy specialise in providing energy saving solutions for domestic and industrial applications; these include Grid Connect and Standalone Solar Systems, Renewable Energy, Consultancy and Design. Green Energy also have on-line ordering facilities for both the wholesale and retail markets.

Grid-connected solar PV systems are the most popular and economic means to adopt solar power in the home. They comprise an array of photovoltaic modules connected to an inverter to provide green energy for your home. Any excess electricity is diverted into the mains grid. At times when sunlight is low eg at night, power is drawn from the grid. In many instances enough power may be returned to the grid during daylight hours to offset electricity taken from the grid making a grid connect solar power system highly cost-effective. An added advantage of a grid connect solar systems is that they eleminate the need for costly storage batteries.

How else can you become more green? Green Energy suggests 3 simple steps. First, reduce your energy consumption by being more energy effficient eg turn off lights when you're not in the room. Second, change to an energy efficient lifestyle by using energy efficient light bulbs, refidgerators etc. Third, switch to Government Accredited Green Power supplier and ask us how to generate Green Power in your home. 

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