Smart Meter

The Pipit 500 Smart Meter In-Home-Display, shows consumption and generation from solar and smart meters usng wireless connection. and is Suitable for Victorian Smart Meters.

It is $129 after the Government rebate.

The Pipit 500 collects energy usage information from your Smart Meter and displays it on a LCD touch screen.

In addition, the unit allows you to set-up alerts related to energy usage.

The Pipit 500 connects (pairs) wirelessly to your smart meter using a Home Area Network (HAN) which is built into both the Smart Meter and the Pipit 500.

This is a unique pairing and, importantly, only the data from your Smart Meter will be visible on your Pipit 500.

Energy data is presented instantaneously in $/c. Traffic light indicators provide instant visibility of energy consumption.

Targets can be set for daily consumption, this is a guide along your journey to save.

A historical data view helps you identify high and low consumption periods; having information allows you to manage your usage.


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