Solar Street Lights

Solar panel:

Rated power: 80 W

Life span: 20~22 years
Working temperature: - 40℃ ~+85℃
Type: Mono-silicon  A/Poly crystalline
Light source: Super high-brightness LED  20W /12V (Life span: 20-50000)
Battery 12V / 65AH Lead-acid battery,maintenance-free (Life span: 3~5 years)
Controller: 12V / 10A, automatically time and light control, overcharge and overdischarge protection (Life span: 8~10 years)
Pole 35m
Material: Galvanized steel frame with powder coated anti-corrosion (Life span: 25~30 years)
Accessories All necessary cables, cable joints and screws
Working condition 8~10 Hours/day 2~3  consecutive rainy days without sunshine.
Price:: AUD 2580.00
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