Suntrap supply renewable energy systems in both Australia and New Zealand. Under the Renewable Energy programme, Suntrap systems harness solar energy to provide customers with most of their hot water and other heating requirements. Suntrap supply complete Solar Hot Water kits retail, wholesale and to commercial markets. The kits incorporate highly efficient,  'next generation' Evacuated U tube Solar Collectors to generate greater annual savings for customers.

Suntrap offer a number of solar hot water applications to suit most requirements. These vary from households of 1 or 2 persons to larger families of 5-6 people and upwards. Commercial needs can also be matched by installing any number of our larger systems connected in parallel. Suntrap systems are eco-friendly  provide green water  and have high REC values. All systems qualify for Government green grants.

To avoid unnecessary handling and mark-up costs, Suntrap eco water systems must be purcheased directly from the factory. Suntrap will arrange the installation of your system by a certified installer in your area.

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