Australian Ecosystems

Australian Ecosystems (AE) is an environmental restoration and ecological consultancy company founded in 1997, built on a vision of protecting and enhancing biodiversity in Australia.

Throughout the late 1990’s it took the form of a group of friends working together to build a nursery and undertaking planting in wetland restoration projects around Melbourne. Since then the company has grown to employ around 60 staff, including botanists, horticulturalists, landscape architects and weed control specialists.

Australian Ecosystems is an integrated company that collects seed, propagates, plants and maintains over 3 million locally indigenous plants per annum on land ecological restoration projects around Victoria.

The company provides five core areas of service – consultancy, nursery, revegetation, wetland and landscape management. We aim to establish biologically diverse vegetation communities that are high in habitat values, that reflect the composition and structure of natural remnant vegetation and that are ecologically viable.

AE has worked on over 400 ecological restoration projects over the past 7 years, establishing a diverse range of vegetation including; Heathland, Saltmarsh, Swamp Scrub, Native Grassland and many types of Woodland and Wetland communities.

The company operates a state of the art nursery at the Eastern Treatment Plant in Melbourne that uses recycled water and we have successfully produced over 400 different species of indigenous plants.

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