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Photoplasma is a part of a process to remove bacteria, viruses, mould, and chemical gases.
The machines Deep-UV-light sterilizes microorganisms that pass through.
Negative Ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air.
Photoplasma eliminates the reproductive capability of micro-organisms and reduces the number of micro-organisms and then forms back to O2 and H2O.
When there is a mildew smell within a home or business moisture damage unfortunately already taken hold in the form of fungus or mould and yeast. Using products from Biozone Scientific to prevent effectively destroys.
Biozone Scientific Products are used around the world in demanding circumstances for removing and preventing microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, mould, slime, fungi, and yeast), tobacco smoke, odour, VOC:s, and other contaminants.



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