CSIRO Land and Water

CSIRO Land and Water, plays a powerful role in bringing the nation closer to an environmentally sustainable and economically viable future.

Scientific research at the CSIRO is shaping the future of land and water resource management. Our research activities reflect national and international priorities.

We’re finding exciting new ways to use less water in agriculture and other industries, to re-use or recycle urban and industrial waters and wastes, while also protecting our rivers, catchments and groundwater reserves.

CSIRO Land and Water is tackling the envirnonmental problems posed by contaminants in the environment, designing the farming systems of the future and investigating options for policy-makers.

With more than 500 staff throughout Australia, we are well positioned to tackle these priorities at both the regional and national scale. We also tap into expertise in other areas of CSIRO. Such scientific breadth and depth is essential to address complex environmental challenges.

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