Good Globe Media

A communications consultancy with an environmental and humanitarian heart.

Good Globe Media is a network of world-class journalists, editors, copywriters, photographers, designers, researchers, social media experts, marketing professionals and prominent public speakers.

Simply put, we think the world will be a better place if more people work to address and advance environmental and social sustainability. This belief underpins all that we do and the services we offer.

We supply magazines, newspapers, websites, companies, governments and non-government organisations with editorial content and creative services.

We provide commissioned articles, copywriting, specialist writing, editing, design, public speakers, online and social media management, PR and marketing.

Above all else, Good Globe Media is dedicated to communicating and contributing in a way that encourages positive and meaningful change.

Our services include:

- editing
- proofreading
- copywriting
- commissioned articles
- PR
- design
- photography
- public speakers

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