Hydroflux Pty Ltd

The Hydroflux Group is an internationally Sydney based recognised group of companies specialising in the water and wastewater treatment sector.

Hydroflux Epco focuses on municipal wastewater treatment offering an extensive range of its own established designs and products in conjunction with equipment and solutions delivered via exclusive international partner agreements with companies such as HUBER, Organica and Aerostrip.

Hydroflux Industrial is a market leader in the design and construction of industrial wastewater and process water systems. Industrial wastewater expertise includes dissolved air flotation and clarifiers, and a comprehensive range of biological processes such as SBR, MBR and MBBR.. Process water solutions include membranes, ion exchange, condensate polishing and more.

Hydroflux Utilities is the support arm of the group providing chemicals, service and maintenance contracts, operation and remote monitoring services and assistance.

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