Land Management Systems

Land Management Systems is a consultancy specialising in natural resource management but with a strong operational focus and capability. LMS combines the twin... and occasionally competing expertise of agronomy & ecology delivering performance management of plants & soils.

We provide specialist environmental and scientific services supporting land managers & (principally) engineers, who often manage large tracks of land (as in a road, railway, municipalities or electricity utility). We work in the areas of vegetation management, biodiversity protection and weed control. We assist our clients to put these challenges into a management and biological framework. From a very focused beginning in environmental engineering, we have gradually developed provision of services to include public and private land managers, including a number of metropolitan and country municipalities. Our clients often have extensive land holdings with a single purpose primary asset or management focus.

Depending upon our client’s management or project requirements, the company provides single-issue expertise through to comprehensive services. With professional advisory and field support, we can firstly identify the issues and constraints (if required) and provide quality outcomes in the field. As such, LMS believes that with its land management expertise in the public, municipal and recreational areas, the company is in a strong position to cater to this developing area.

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