mOrganics-baby 'O' is specifically designed for children of 1 year and over, featuring subtle and natural flavours with no added salt and sugar. 

There are no added flavours, colours, thickeners or processed starches (like modified cornflour, maltodextrin, rice starch or wheat starch). We also do not add water to our sauces. 

In fact, we are so environmentally conscious, all of our products are contained boxes comprised of recycled material. 

mOrganics-baby 'O' is certified organic by the ACO. So there are no nasty no pesticides, fertilisers, emulsifiers or genetically modified organisms our eco product.

Our sauces are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians

mOrganics-baby 'O' has been rated as a green brand by Greenpeace in The True Food Guide.

We strongly believe nothing is more important for your children than safe, healthy and natural food.

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