The Living Green Festival - Vegan Market

The Living Green Festival is an annual not-for-profit event, a vegan market that is regularly conducted in Albert Hall, Canberra. All of the stalls are selling 100% plant-based, vegan products. We also have some performers to entertain customers in the market. The purpose of this annual event are:

 - Providing a place for eco-friendly and cruelty-free products brands to promote their products and services.

- Conducting an inclusive family day or individuals from any background.

- Encouraging people to support local and ethical brands, while spreading awareness of consciousness about products/services that they purchase.

- Spreading awareness of our environmental issues and encourage people to take positive actions.

- Providing not-for-profit and grassroots groups, a platform to give out educational information and fundraising chances to the public.

- Increasing awareness about the advantages of veganism for the environment.

 Come to our festival this year or register to be one of our stalls or performers!

The Living Green Festival - Vegan Market Products

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