Fair Go Trading

Fair Go Trading appreciate your interest in fair trade, organic and eco enterprises. Our store offers you a range of products that support these industries.

Fair Go - Fair Trade! This is what we do:

• We have a wide selection of fair trade craft produced by talented artisans from areas such as Peru, Aceh, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Chile, Kashmir and Central Australia.
• We sell fair trade tea, coffee, chocolate, chocolate drink and sugar. Yummy.
• We complement our site with other eco goodies like our fashionable hemp and organic bags.
• We also have some fabulous world music music and a great topical variety of books for children and adults.
• We are a wholesaler / distributor of some of our fair trade craft products. We also distribute our range of hemp and organic cotton fashion bags.

Fair Go Trading like to encourage consumer habits that reward ethical and sustainable trading practices.

By purchasing Fair Trade, Organic and Eco products, you are helping the producers, artisans, and the land by giving them all a 'fair go'.

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