The Fair Trade Association (FTAANZ)

The Fair Trade Association for Australia and New Zealand is a non-profit organisation that works to provide fair wages and quality work environments within the region and internationally. These targets are accomplished by the collective efforts of all businesses under the FTA sharing the same mission.

We operate on the basis of the Ten Principles of Fair Trade:

  • Creating opportunities for the disadvantaged
  • Ensuring fair trade practices
  • Love for the environment
  • Freedom and no discrimination
  • Fair wage
  • Transparency
  • No child labour
  • Quality work environment
  • Capacity building 
  • Promoting the fair trade movement

Get involved by donating, volunteering or becoming a member to support the fair trade moment. The Fair Trade Association maintains transparency and documents its progress through annual reports. Our annual reports are available for download. Our mission is to help share the benefits of international trade equally and up-keep the welfare of those involved.

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