Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre

For a truly unique experience, visit the Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre located in the Illawarra. Enjoy discovering innovative eco-technologies and unique interactive displays.

The Eco-Technology Centre offers something for everyone including cultural and eco-tourism groups, schools, eco-tech businesses, seniors and families. Exhibits include: A unique full-scale solar powered yacht, a solar-powered car that raced from Darwin to Adelaide, A novel 14 metre wave tank demonstrating wave to energy power, The practical Mini Eco-house full of consumer choices re water and energy - sustainable transport, greenhouse, renewable energy and the Total Water Cycle displays. Discover how he can keep the planet alive and healthy.

Explore a unique and exciting range of interactive displays demonstrating the latest environmentally friendly technologies to help save Planet Earth.

Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre is a demonstration, information and education facility located in Wollongong, an hour's drive from Sydney. Futureworld specialises in demonstrating how innovative eco-technologies can contribute to solutions to environmental problems so that our quality of life and the beauty of the planet can be maintained and improved for future generations.

Futureworld's aim is to create community awareness of the need for an increased uptake of eco-technologies by individuals, businesses and the wider community. Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre also aims to show that novel eco-technologies can generate new business opportunities and socio-economic benefits in terms of job creation as well as a healthier environment. Eco-technologies can play a key role in protecting the Earth's natural resources (such as energy, clean air and water, soils, plants and wildlife) for the future. Exhibits include two “world firsts” such as the Solar Sailor, which is the prototype for the fully commercial solar ferry that currently operates on Sydney Harbour, and a 14-metre Wave Tank demonstrating the Wave Power to Energy technology now being installed at Port Kembla as a commercial reality.

Visitors can also investigate the Watt is a Watt greenhouse display; a solar car; a Mini Eco-House full of consumer choices; the total water cycle; rainwater harvesting; and displays about wind power, sustainable transport and waste management. Guided tours are available and special events and workshops are held regularly to meet the information needs of business and the wider community.

Futureworld also runs a Schools Program for primary and secondary schools. In addition, it runs workshops for children during the school holidays. Futureworld is a not-for-profit organisation and membership is open to everyone. Futureworld operates in very beneficial partnerships with both public and private sectors.

Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre applaud our many sponsors and welcome new sponsors. The Eco-Technology Centre also has a wonderful team of volunteers, who carry out all sorts of important activities including technical display development, guided tours, office administration and management.

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