Monash Sustainability Enterprises

Monash Sustainability Enterprises (MSE) was established in July 2000 as a consulting, advocacy, and training arm of the Monash Centre for Environmental Management.

Monash Sustainability Enterprises is involved in a number of eco research initiatives and commercial ventures to promote more sustainable practices in the investment and finance sectors.

Monash Sustainability Enterprises has pioneered the practical application of environmental and social rating and analysis for financial institutions in Australian financial markets. We seek to engage industry to communicate the business case for sustainable development, develop robust methodologies to identify linkages between sustainability and financial drivers, and develop advanced metrics to gauge progress toward sustainability targets.

Monash Sustainability Enterprises provides a commercial focus for Monash's business and sustainability programs. 

Monash Sustainability Enterprises also maintains close affiliations with other research and commercial institutions within Monash to provide enhanced capabilities for specific assignments including: the Department of Management the Monash Sustainability Institute Castan Centre for Human Rights.

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