Charlotte's Living Harmony

Charlotte’s Living Harmony teaches you how to create delicious, macrobiotic, whole foods, vegan, and also gluten free dishes that are in harmony with the seasons.

Wholefood Cooking Courses

Learn how to create wholesome and nutritious meals that support and heal your body, mind and spirit.

Discover how to turn organic vegetables, wholegrains and other natural products into delicious meals. The simple, easy-to-prepare recipes will encourage regular use of healthy, wholefoods in your diet.

The menus are free from all animal and dairy products, sugar and refined foods.

Benefit your health and tempt your tastebuds Eating in Harmony Courses are held throughout the year and each one emphasises the most harmonious foods for the season in which it is held:

1) Winter dishes are warming & comforting

2) Springtime menus are designed to rid the body of excess weight & toxins from the heavier winter months.

3) Summer time foods are light & colourful

4) Autumn menus help to keep us clear and free from colds & flus.

Each day of the course you will:

1) experience how to prepare a 3-course meal specifically designed to support you in the current season

2) sit down and enjoy the meal prepared that evening be given recipes that clearly explain how to reproduce each of the dishes at home.

3) enjoy yummy desserts without using refined sugars

4) receive nutritional information and advice based on the wealth of knowledge and comprehensive experience

Charlotte has accumulated in the areas of wholefoods, macrobiotics and natural therapies. For course details please check the website:

Catering Charlotte provides lovingly prepared vegetarian foods for yoga retreats and functions at very reasonable prices. “The support, nourishment and warmth Charlotte’s cooking provided was invaluable.

Her balanced and heartfelt creation of flavours and textures were the perfect reward at the end of a challenging day’s work. I left inspired with ideas of wholesome foods” - Sophie (recent retreat participant)

About Charlotte:

Charlotte has been a practicing chef since 1972 and vegetarian for the past 15 years. After beginning a career in Natural Therapies 15 years ago she began to emphasise wholefoods in her menus.

Charlotte believes that eating wholesome, lovingly prepared foods contributes greatly to our own well-being as well as that of our environment.

This leads to a more balanced life with greater health and happiness for all. Charlotte’s dedication to creating health and harmony is also expressed through her practice of Kinesiology and Zen Shiatsu.


Shiatsu is a relaxing and strengthening body therapy developed in Japan. Working along the meridian lines and acupressure points of the body, it is possible to rebalance the energy - releasing blockages and stagnation.

Shiatsu works on a deep level relaxing the body, calming the mind and balancing the flow of energy.

It is effective for the treatment and prevention of many health problems, including: back pain neck and shoulder tension stress and anxiety headaches and migraines menstrual difficulties digestive problems fatigue and other health issues.

To maintain good health, or to recover from illness, a balanced diet is essential - so nutritional counselling is given with each treatment.


The word Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) means the study of muscles and movement, in particular how muscles act and coordinate the body.

However, in the natural health field, the term Kinesiology is seen and used in a different way.

Here muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body. "Muscle Testing", the key technique in Kinesiology, is used as an effective and versatile tool for detecting and correcting many imbalances in the body, mind and emotions.

Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural therapies. A consultation will assist you in finding your own solutions to ongoing issues.

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