Cherry Tree Organics

Cherry Tree Organics is a producer of certified organic beef and lamb.  We provide you with an opportunity to purchase premium quality organic products direct from the farmer. We are dedicated to producing top quality grass fed beef and lamb without the use of hormones, antibiotics or chemicals.  Our property, Cherry Tree Downs is located in South Gippsland, a region renowned for its high rainfall and green grass all year round. 

Organic meat and other organic products can also be purchased directly through the Cherry Tree Organics butcher shop; located in Beaconsfield, Victoria. Purchasing your beef and lamb directly from Cherry Tree Organics allows you to follow the process from paddock to plate. 

At the Cherry Tree Organics butcher shop you will find our extensive range of certified organic beef, lamb, chicken & pork, organic bacon and ham, organic eggs, milk and dairy products, organic fresh fruit & vegetables.

Cherry Tree Organics Products

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