Cocolo Fairtrade Chocolate

Cocolo is a top quality Swiss chocolate made from the very finest Certified Organic and Certified Fairtrade natural ingredients. 

We only use eco ingredients that are produced in the traditional way, with attention to both purity and sustainability

The Cocoa and Evaporated Cane Juice are sourced from Fairtrade Co-operatives

The cocoa used in Cocolo is produced by El Ceibo in Bolivia and Conocado in the Dominican Republic. 

Our unrefined evaporated cane juice comes form AlterTrade in the Philipines. 

We love to invest in these communities so they can reinvest in their farms, their schools and their communities by selling the best beans through the Fairtrade market

organicCocolo is an Australian owned company distributed by Organic Trader.

Cocolo Fairtrade Chocolate Products

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