Detox in a Box

Detox in a Box is proudly Australian Owned by Bondi local Shireen Collett, who is passionate about overall wellbeing. Her desire for healthy living stems from the realty that sickness is rife in our world. Cancer affected both her parents and her mother-inlaw. With this in her history, she looked for answers. This company focuses on the Superfood qualities of the MORINGA Oliefera plant. Moringa has well documented evidence that prove it's Nutrient, Antioxidant and Vitamin capacity. The leaves are in fact a rich source of Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatories and Essential Amino Acids. Scientists have dubbed it 'Miracle Vegetable". 7 X Vit C in Oranges, 4 X Calcium in Milk, 4 X Vit A in Carrots, 3 X Potassium in Bananas, 2 X Protein in Yoghurt. Detox in a Box have created their first range. Moringa Teas and Moringa Superfood Powder. We package our much loved product in recycled packaging, ready for it's journey to Australia. Hoping to share a complete source of goodness with you!

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