Harmony Wholefoods

Low prices, minimal packaging, great quality.

Harmony Wholefoods offers organic and conventional self-serve beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit, spices, etc.

Use our bags or bring your own containers. Harmony Wholefoods has a 10% discount for healthcare, pension, seniors, student card holders.

Soapnuts, Bec Clarke Creations handmade soaps, Australian Artesian Water ...

Gluten-free grains and cereal.

Create your own muesli and trail mix.

Grind your own peanut butter. With no added oils, salt, or sugar, peanut butter is a taste sensation. For ideas about how and what to cook, browse the eclectic collection of cookbooks.

If you're looking to reduce your ecological footprint or simply to improve your diet and reduce your food costs, drop in to Harmony Wholefoods.

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