My Organics

My Organics provide a wide range of organic foods for healthier food choices. Eating organic and natural food means choosing a pesticide and preservative-free foods for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Organic farmers practise good farming with natural and safe fertilizers, while helping to take care of our planet to be safer and healthier. Our mission is to provide you with certified organic food for healthier choices. 

All of My Organics products are certified organic by the biggest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce, which is Australian Certified Organic. We are committed to ensuring all our suppliers to follow the Approved Supplier Programme and our facilities are certified organic too. The packing process is also facilitated under strict organic packing. Our products categorize into nuts, fruits, rice, grains, pulses, seeds, muesli, cereals, cooking needs, snacking and baking products. With a wide range of products, we never fail to give the best quality. 

My Organics ensures to provide high quality and nutritious products with good tasting and affordable prices, so shop now!

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