Red Dragon Inn

Red Dragon Inn is a small independent business with a big heart. Proudly brewing certified organic naturally fermented ginger beers in Lismore, New South Wales. 

Richard Patton has been making traditional ginger beer for over 20 years and selling it at local markets around the Northern Rivers. 

Red Dragon Inn continues to make a traditional firery certified organic ginger beer and now has a new drink called 'Living Elixir'. The Living Elixir is based on the traditional ginger beer with the addition of raw organic turmeric juice and infusions of organic gotu kola, ginkgo biloba and brahmi herbs. These powerful additions are designed to be strongly anti-inflammatory and help to aid nerve and memory function.

These special drinks are brewed in the bottle fresh and unpasteurised maintaining maximum nutrition. 

Red Dragon Inn is strongly committed to supporting Australian certified organic farmers and aims to obtain all ingredients as locally as is available. This is part of a founding network for supporting regional sustainability. 


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