Thermal Cookware

• An amazing energy and time saving concept from Thermos.
• A non-electric slow cooker like no other.
• After only minutes of boiling on a stove top your food will continue cooking for hours without any additional energy inputs or attention.
• Go to work or just enjoy your day and come back to a delicious, highly nutritious meal for lunch or dinner in the evening.
• The Thermal Cooker retains the food temperatures above 60 degrees centigrade for 10 hours plus.
• Savour each flavour, while knowing that your vegetables, soups, sauces, rice and other foods are nutritious and healthy.
• Start the meal off in the morning and leave it on the bench or just take the whole container with you, great for home, travelling, boating, picnics, camping, caravanning and gatherings.
• No worries about scorching, overcooking or bitterness and all the nutrition and flavours stay in the food.
• Robust stainless steel construction, travels well, requires minimal effort and uses minimal energy.
Maximum results from Minimum energy and time inputs.


Thermal Cookware Products

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