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Bambooware™ is an exciting new product now available in Australia. It is made from reconstituted bamboo that is entirely biodegradable. Bambooware™ combines strength and style to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional picnicware.

Bambooware™ is 100% biodegradable picnic and tableware which is attractive, functional and earth-friendly. There are no pollutants used in the manufacture of Bambooware™ and it can be used just once or many times.

Environmental toxins, such as plasticisers, dioxins and synthetic materials used in the making of similar products are not used in the production of Bambooware™. Bamboo is useful across many industries.

It is cheap, light, strong and a renewable resource. Countries like China have for centuries 'slashed and burned' bamboo, as it is very intrusive and grows aggressively. Burning, of course, has a negative environmental impact. Bamboo is now starting to be collected, dried and pulverised.

It can then be pressed and moulded into almost anything. Bamboo flooring, clothing, structural materials and screens are commonplace. We have launched the world’s first Bamboo picnic and tableware.

It has clear advantages over other biodegradable materials. For example, Bamboo Ware is dishwasher friendly and will tolerate limited microwaving. Bambooware™ can be used multiple times before it gets worn out.

The wear of the plates / bowls is obviously dependant on the type of food that it is being eaten off it. For example, a casserole will have a different effect on the material from salad. EcoLifestyle is an Australian owned company committed to the sustainable future of our Planet.

In realising that we all have our role to play in the global community, EcoLifestyle is pleased to be part of the solution to the current unsound environmental situation. Our vision is to provide innovative sustainable products and services that combine high quality and functionality.

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