Barking Mad Australia Pty Ltd

Barking Mad Australia provides an Eco-friendly solution for your garden or landscaped areas. Eco-Rubber Bark is Australian Made from 100% Recycled Rubber Tyres.Reduce Australian Landfill with Eco-Rubber Bark.

There are many benefits when using Eco-Rubber Bark, with a 5 year UV Warranty, the colours won't fade for years. Eco-Rubber Bark won't rot, decompose or go mouldy, it won't attract termites or insects and is non-toxic. Eco-Rubber Bark reduces top ups required so there is less maintenance.

Colours availabe: Terracotta, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Black (other colours available). Available in 20kg bags & 500kg Bulk bags. Eco-Rubber Bark looks like bark, not mulch, however mulch is available at request. We also have Eco-Rubber Crushed Rock available in many colours including white

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