At Beautanicals, we are very proud that all our produce of self grown. All our seeds are organically grown, tended dynamically, garden hardened and open pollinated. We first grow plants, then harvest the seeds and finally clean and winnow them. They are then packed to reach you. 

All our seed is clearly identified and packed in clear bags and hence overseas seed purchases are no problem at all. We can easily parcel seeds to any country in the world. We produce anti-inflammatory herbs, arthritic herbs, artisan herbs, Ayurvedic medicines, beans and peas, beauty herbs, bulk seeds, bush medicine, chilies and capsicum, circulatory herbs, climbers and vines, cottage garden plants, culinary herb seeds, edible flowers, leaf vegetables etc.

We also do seeds and plants for the skin and have an exciting collection of magical garden herbs and seeds. Check the whole collection out at

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