Man with Scythe

Whether you prefer to have your lawn mown using an old fashioned tool, or like the idea of having your weeds removed without the cacophony and pollution of a petrol powered machine, or maybe you believe that how something is done is an important part of the quality of the task itself? If so then Man With Scythe is the man for you!

Man With Scythe, is based in Maleny Queensland, and mows lawns and slashes weeds manually using fine Austrian scythes. No mowers, no chippers, no blowers, no whippers. Just our snaths, blades, whetstones and the sweat of my back. I think I do a better job than a mower, because; I can remove flat broadleaf weeds like dandelion and cat tails, which a mower misses, as I scythe, I can scythe wet or dry without damaging the lawn. My rates are competitive and you won’t pay while I briefly sit to have some water and catch my breath.

So, whether you have a wayward lawn or a patch of weeds give Man With Scythe a call today on 0402027922 to arrange a quote on your mowing, slashing or cutting job.


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