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At Simpson’s Tree Service we have made it our ambition to be the one-stop tree removal service the residents across Melbourne can trust. Using innovative and safe removal methods we can completely cut down and remove even the biggest tree methodically, starting from the limbs.

Once the limbs are removed the arborist cuts the trunk off in sections and the ground staff lowers them down as they return to the ground. The trunk can also be felled in a big section if there is space to do so. With plenty of experience cutting down trees of all species and sizes its no wonder we have gained a reputation as Melbourne’s best tree removal service.

Call us today to have your tree removed without issue and for the right price. We employ qualified arborists who use ropes and harness {check out Luke in the tree in the picture below}. They have the skills to cut off limbs and ground staff then lower the branch to the ground using a rope tied on by the arborist. This form of tree removal in Melbourne minimises the risk of damage to surrounding plants and fixtures.

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