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 Logan Leigh Benchtops has 30 years experience supplying the kitchen and joinery industries. Our newest  and very exciting venture is in the supply of bamboo benchtops. What sets Logan Leigh apart from other suppliers is the long lengths of bamboo that we can offer. This means that you can get the exact lengths and widths you desire without expensive offcuts. We can supply fabricated not polished or fully polished jobs according to your plans.
Bamboo is a fast growing grass, able to be harvested in 4 to 5 years compared to hardwood timber that takes 30 to 40 years. On the same area of land there is twenty times the yeild of bamboo compared to timber. Another great benefit of bamboo is that it reduces greenhouse gases as the plant absorb two thirds more carbon dioxide and produce 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees. Bamboo is also as hard as most hardwoods and more resistant to shrinking and warping. 

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