Earthy Essences

Imagine, Earths Raw Beauty . . . naturally. All Natural Cosmetics with Certified Organic Ingredients Elusyion Mineral Cosmetics are created by Earthy Essences, a West Australian business.

The Earthy Essences goal was to formulate a pure natural and organic line of cosmetics based on crushed minerals from Mother Earth. Completely chemical free, our products do not contain any irritants, animal by-products, binders, talc, dye, lakes, fragrances or other artificial ingredients that could clog pores or harm your skin.

Our range is created utilising certified organic ingredients and certified organic extracts in combination with an array of minerals derived from mother earth and truly captures earth’s raw beauty.

Earthy Essences do not use any animal products in our cosmetics, making our complete range suitable for vegans. Our 100% pure crushed silky blend of bare minerals offers exceptionally long wearing performance (you can leave home looking gorgeous and wake up looking just as gorgeous) and offers fantastic coverage, whilst feeling so lightweight that you will feel like you’re not wearing makeup at all. Our range is also non-comedogenic, meaning the makeup won’t clog your pores.

The minerals glide over your skin and assist to even out skin tone, conceal redness and enhance your natural beauty. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive, acne-prone and oily skin. Proudly Made in Western Australia

Earthy Essences Products

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