Natural well-being and home ambiance

Florisens - truly modern natural bio incense, we prefer to call "in"scents. From all the grand traditional incense houses of the world, France, Japan, and India and Tibet, comes a modern interpretation - aromatherapy-based Aromambiance range, the world famous low-smoke innovative Bio Incense, the traditional Indian and Tibet mediation ranges, and Japanese joss sticks.

Lotus Wei - flower essences to bring your being back to balance, meaning happiness of spirit. Lotus Wei's customised Energy Mist, Elixir & Body Oil formulas will not just please your senses with luxurious flavour, texture and aroma, they'll also work to actively transform your mind and body from within.

Aromatherapy Personals - Enjoy these spa-grade, aromatherapy-inspired organic treatments designed to boost your mood and nourish your skin! Made from 100% naturally active plant oils, botanical extracts and certified organic essential oils.

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