Tinderbox a small rural business using creativity to adapt to the sea of change, we believe in harnessing the nurturing power of the earth to transform the lives of humans. At Tinderbox you can find and source all your organic, plant based herbs, teas, tonics and more.

Visiting Tinderbox can trigger a spark of knowledge, an integral part of being human, such as grounding and forming a connection with the earth. This feeling of familiarity is brought to life when people smell and feel our products. In fact, plants have a biochemical intelligence that can be sensed directly by us humans. This is the basis of Tinderbox, we help re-discover and develop the familiar bond between plants and humans.

Our products include: natural hand sanitizers, teas, essential oils and oil blends, grooming and personal care products, perfumes, incense, massage oils, raw resources and many more. We even have a variety of specialised gift boxes for you to choose from.

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