E-bar supplies the highest quality and biggest online range of Australian-made certified organic skincare, bathroom, beauty and home care items – received from local Australian producers. We personally choose and sell top quality non-toxic products – to make sure you, your family, and the environment remain healthy.

Your skin absorbs sixty percent of what is applied to it. Over 95% of objects on the shelf (supermarkets, shops, department stores etc…) today are synthetic, causing severe damage to our environment as well as to ourselves. E-bar realises this.

We at E-bar aim to help clients and customers and whilst we do that we assist our planet, by giving educational support and advice about buying certified organic and sustainable eco skin care products, which is what we offer at E-bar. 

E-bar is 100% Australian-owned and operated. The head office is situated in Brisbane, Australia which is close to many of our locally-sourced certified organic suppliers. We sell our products on a global basis.


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