Finally an effective hair care range for children which prevents and eradicates head lice naturally. eco.kid is the first complete range of hair care products targeted at the prevention of head lice . . . naturally derived . . . naturally better. Prevention is Better Than Cure The basis of all eco.kid products is that prevention is better than cure. eco.kid products help to prevent split ends and tangles, dry scalp and cradle cap, head lice and the pollution of our waterways and planet.

The Range The Australian owned and made range consists of Prevent and Prevent Sensitive Shampoo, Nourish Conditioner, Daily Leave-In Tonic, Tuff Stuff Hair Clay, Bubbalicious Shaping Paste and a Lice Bomb, which is the only 100% pure essential oil treatment that attacks head lice and their eggs. Naturally Derived, Colour & Preservative Free Rather than using chemicals which can damage the hair and pollute the waterways, eco.kid products are also naturally derived.

 In fact, because all of the products have been created from ingredients that are organically certified, plant derived, wild harvested, vapour distilled, readily biodegradable and indigenous to Australia, you could safely eat them if you wanted to... not that they taste the best.

The range is also artificial fragrance, colouring and preservative free. What Makes eco.kid Different It actually works. The high percentage of essential oils in the eco.kid products creates an environment that is virtually impossible for head lice to live in. These essential oils have helped to evolve eco.kid plant derived cleansers from shampoos to solvents. Unlike other products on the market that use abrasive detergents to clean the hair, eco.kid cleansers use twice-distilled pure essential oils to gently dissolve away the oil, dirt and styling resins that build up in the hair and on the scalp. The cleansing experience is more akin to dry cleaning the hair than washing it.

Child Friendly Importantly, the carefully selected ingredients in eco.kid products are also child-friendly.

As a child’s skin is young and sensitive to many things, including synthetic perfumes, colours, preservatives, common conditioning agents and commercially used surfactants, parents must be careful what they expose their children to. eco.kid hair care makes a positive difference every day to the health of our children, to our environment today and to the environment that our children will inherit in the future.

Head Lice Lice are the second most communicable disease in the world.

In Australia, one in five primary school age children are affected by head lice at any given time causing teachers, parents and child care workers ongoing problems. Why? Because until now there has not been a truly effective product on the market to combat the problem of increasingly resistant head lice.

Now with eco.kid, the entire lice cycle can be stopped. Stockists The eco.kid product range is available from selected salons throughout Australia and New Zealand. The full listing of stockists is available on our website at .

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