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 Alkaline Health & Weight Loss. Organic Vegan Raw protein shake, greens, & minerals & New Hydrogen therapy that make it simple & easy to stay on an alkaline diet. Being alkaline helps you to detox & lose weight, reduce joint inflammation, improve digestion, sleep better, have more energy, rejuvenate skin plus more. Sevenpoint2 is the leader in the worldwide alkaline movement. Alkaline Health Kitchen & health coach chris Wake can help you acheive your health goals. Our products are unique and cannot be compared to anything else. The sevenpoint2 hydrogen therapy product called Recovery with Hydro FX is a world first exclusive patented Hydrogen tablet.  Hydrogen is a natural theraputic tool that can reduce acid in the body including lactic acid, it seeks out oxidisation in the cells and converts it to water. Visit for more information.  Products can aslo be used by natural or medical health practicioners and personal trainers. 

Alkaline Health kitchen Products

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