NutriKaneD(TM) 10 Pack

NutriKaneD(TM) 10 Pack

Enjoy a happy and healthy gut with this 20 week supply of NutriKane D. Packaged with an important micronutrient call bioavailable chromium, NutriKane D promotes a healthy gut, improving blood sugar levels and aiding weight loss. This product has no artificial ingredients, colouring or flavours. We grow and produce NutriKane D locally and are mindful about our ecological footprint.

Since the product is organic with no artificial additions, it can be used by anyone and everyone. It is extra helpful for patients with diabetes as it is seen as a natural product which helps lower blood sugar levels, making it useful for all types of diabetes. It also improves the immune system and helps maintain your body’s required Body Mass Index ratio.

Our customers love it and many vouch for our product, stating that it has helped them with bloating and constipation.


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