Zolar Technology

Zolar technology enables dentist to perform all surgeries related to soft tissues dental treatments with the most ease and absolute perfection. Their broad expertise in dental lasers and manufacturing technologies, performance and service support help their customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost. Both Zolar dental diode lasers the Photon (3w/810nm) and the Photon Plus (10w/980nm) offer more than 20 preset treatment programs together with multiple customized programs, including bleaching.

A 3.5 inch touch screen operation allows the dentist to view all the treatment parameters such as power, continuous or pulse operation during patient use, in addition to be able to edit, change and save them as desired by the dentist. Also included in the touch screen is a “Navigation” feature that allows the dentist to browse all the operational features of the Photon without having to consult the operation manual.



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