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The Allen Consulting Group (ACG) is an independent eco consulting firm with strong industry expertise, intellectual rigour and strength of some of our nation's top public policy advisers, economists and business consultants.

We began in 1988 and since then we've been employing innovatice thinkers and specialists to provide independent policy analysis and advice to business and government. We have have helped solve some of the most challenging issues in public policy and business.We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to our clients.

We undertake work across a range of industries and sectors including advanced manufacturing, communications, community services and welfare, education and training, energy, entertainment, finance, food and beverages, health and ageing, ICT, public affairs, research, resources, transport and water.

At Allen Consulting Group, we try our very best to understand our clients objectives, respecting their confidentiality and by being mindful of their complex and often sensitive stakeholder environments.

Allen Consulting Group continues to be a successful and innovative firm because we strive for quality solutions for our clients and we offer our people work that is exciting, intellectually challenging and meaningful.

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